About Us

Our mission is to operate a successful business, that we enjoy running, that exemplifies our core values honesty, integrity, and willingness to grow. We promise to assist our valued customers with our strong work ethic, systematic approach to new applications and our passion for the automation and electrical control industry. We will use the most efficient method possible from our extensive cutting edge technology portfolio to make our customers passion come to fruition. At all times we will maintain a positive and caring stance in all of our customer relations. We provide ourselves in driving a successful business and love serving our quality customers.

We at Advanced Control value our principal relationships we develop within the company.  We provide valuable marketing, reporting, tech support, and “boots on the street” for their product lines. We help the right products get to the right people creating a positive buying experience for the customer. In the future we will keep our product lines at a minimum to maximize our relationship and success with each line.

At Advanced Control we have had long successful relationship with our distribution partners, some dating back over 25 years. We have consistently provided tech support, a one stop shop for customer service, product support, and training for the distribution team and their customers. We at Advanced Control have had long success assisting the integration of factory principals and techniques to better maximize the distributors capabilities as helping to select the right customers for the right products creating the best possible outcome for customers and distributors alike. In the future we look to continue providing technical support while developing new systems to assist our distributor partners in complex sales scenarios.

At Advanced Control we have vast internal solutions to handle the most complex sales solutions from conceiving the project to product delivery to after sales support. These systems have  developed over years of trial and error. Our sales team includes network partners that have extensive in house capabilities from engineering a solution to machine fabrication to programming/trouble shooting to after market support.