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WashDOwn Motor control

Lenze is your system solution provider from the gearbox to the cloud. Lenze’s i500 platform offers simple panel stack inverter for simple applications in the i510 to the i550 with enhanced features such as closed loop velocity control. The new drive family features spring loaded terminals for easy wiring.

Lenze i550 Protec
Lenze i500 & i950 cabinet drives

The Protec can be a simple wall mount inverter or can be designed to use as a control panel. The junction box option with knock outs for push buttons as well as disconnect options as a speed pot allow a truly simple yet creative design for mobile pump carts, conveyor systems and fan applications.

Another key feature and fan favorite of the Lenze brand is the EPM chip, Lenze uses a small pluggable memory module that plugs into the front of the drive face plate. The chip stores the parameters, device addresses and I/O terminations.

EPM Chips – Lenze Americas
Lenze Protec, EPM/Comms connectivity

The software is a selling feature itself, Easy Starter allows you to configure simple parameters all the way to closed loop motor control. Easy Starter and the i500 drives allow the user to program the I/O terminals, no more strict instruction on how you must use your I/O. Easy Starter also gives the user a single screen to review the actual values such as motor temp., device utilization etc.

If you have an application and would like to learn more about the i500 Protec or need assistance with your application contact us.

EMI/RFI Solutions

Are you experiencing interference in your application? Electromagnetic interference is a conducted interference typically caused by switching loads such as power supplies, VFDs and lighting elements. RFI is a radio frequency causing equipment interference. It is easy to overlook these suspects in a facility full of automated machinery. With this being the case how do we identify the cause of the issue?

Power Quality Solutions from Enerdoor
EMI/RFI filter

Enerdoor is an industry leader in power quality, EMI/RFI filters, harmonic filters and motor protection. Enerdoor also offers engineering services. Issues like small voltage spikes on encoder inputs or a signal delay can cause large problems for instrumentation or motion control. These interference types can tell us what type product we are looking at, either a high or low frequency filter solution. Enerdoor can assist in the identification and mitigation of these issues.

In material handling and waste water solutions long cable runs from the inverter to the motor can cause massive voltage spikes that cause downtime when the motor is damaged or loss of efficiency due to heat. This is referred to as reflected wave phenomenon. Enerdoor is an excellent source for sine wave filters as well as DV/DT filters. When a sine wave filter is used we can greatly reduce the voltage spikes and supply the motor with a sinusoidal wave that keeps your system running efficiently and increases the life of the motor.

If you are struggling with interference or would like to optimize machine performance reach out to us and we would be happy to discuss your application. Enerdoor is also an excellent engineering resource for interference identification, trouble shooting, EMC testing and CE testing.

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Ethernet Solutions with Murrelektronik

Murr Elektronik is an industry leader in the manufacturing of industrial connectivity, distributed I/O and creative power distribution solution. Murrelektronik now offers a comprehensive lie of Ethernet solutions!

The Tree POE switch is a new offering from Murrelektronik. This switch features a supply from 48VDC @ 6A or 24VDC @ 7A, this switch also features a straight POE block, combo switch and up to 8 ports. This switch offers flexibility is a small footprint and robust package

The Xenterra family is an unmanaged switch solution. This product is not your typical Ethernet switch, this module offers a 5, 8 or 16 port option and can be mounted to the side of your control panel or to din rail! This unit also features a robust metallic housing and 30mm deep housing offering a flexible mounting solution.

Murr Elektronik is an industry leader in connectivity, we offer rear mount solutions for control panel bulkhead connectivity as well as all of the connectors for your field devices for industrial Ethernet and connections. Contact us for more information. Remember to follow us on LinkedIn and on Youtube

The Xelity offers 4, 6 and 8 ports in a thin line din-rail mount solution. This switch is an aggressively priced solution for your unmanaged switch application.

Safe solutions with Schmersal

Special functions – feature rich offerings from Schmersal USA

Schmersal USA is an industry leader for the development of safety solutions in the automation world.

AOPD – Active opto-electronic safety devices or photo safety detection devices are commonly uses to protect large areas where the use of hard guarding is not practical or may stifle performance.

The key industries that utilize optoelectronic protection methods are material handling, assembly equipment, textile, automotive and food processing. One of the greatest challenges on an industry processing floor is easy to obtain diagnostics for decreased downtime. To address this Schmersal offers an indicator pilot light on the top of the light curtain for application diagnostics that can be seen at a distance. The new offering from Schmersal allows for the maintenance team to connect to the SLC light curtains via Bluetooth to view advanced diagnostics, light curtain modes and OSSD status.

To further the feature rich AOPD offering solution from Schmersal The SLC445 series offers the LED indicator lamp and enhanced features such as blanking, muting, double reset, integrated muting which can all be programmed with a without a programming tool.

SLC445 offers an integrated muting kit package for quick assembly

To further the feature rich AOPD solution from Schmersal using the seven segment display its easy to see the program parameters, diagnostics and alignment quality. Simply scale the parameters with the push button teach tool and hold until the screen refreshes, its that simple!

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photoelectric sensors from contrinex – the c23 and m18pa

Contrinex Photo Sensors

Clear object detection with Contrinex

Contrinex set out to develop a solution for sensing clear objects. Clear objects are known to absorb large amounts of UV light which is the working principal for the TRU UV detection sensor from Contrinex. This product was developed as the “sense all” for the contrinex product family. What is better yet is the 1.2mm sensing range and easy set up with a reflector for easy alignment. Contrinex also adds the

benefits of I/O link for advanced diagnostics such as sensing range barrier detection, amount of light detected by the receiver to gauge the cleanliness of the lens. The IODD file for the sensors and other datasheets can be found here. If you have any other questions contact us and we would be happy to assist you with your application.

Modular cellular guarding solutions with Satech

The Challenge: In my time I have seen many approaches to the large area guarding challenge. Many companies utilize solutions from aluminum modular extrusion manufacturer to address these applications. Although flexible these approaches typically prove to be expensive and require much engineering time. Furthering the challenge an aluminum extrusion solution could take days to install.

Satech from Schmersal USA ads a very modular easy to build easy to configure solution for larger area protection. Commonly seen in cellular robotic guarding packages. The steps are simply: develop a concept, assign entry ways, pick out your Schmersal switches and submit the design.

Your Satech configuration will come pre-kitted with hardware, off the shelf welded wire mesh and posts and assembly instructions in a single cost effective solution to large area guarding. This allows you to create a custom guarding solution unique to your application and easy enough to design.

This post would not be complete without mentioning the fast clip feature that allows you to slip the post, clip the collar and tighten the screws and you are done!

No conversation about Satech would be complete without discussing the spacers and fast clips, you just slip the clips on, determine the spacing and slip the welded mesh panels in the fast clips , tighten and you are done!

Cube 67 – Modular Distributed I/O

Murr Elektronik Cube 67 is the modular solution for managing distributed on machine I/O. The cube 67 solution removes the need for a rigid topology design, by using a single bus node and using extension modules only a single address must be managed. Extension modules can be connected to additional extension modules and can also include pneumatic manifolds

With industry motor control trends in material handling moving towards decentralized motor control either via industrial Ethernet or discrete I/O, manufacturers now are able to place the node or feeding I/O right next to the inverter

Contact us for more information and a product demo, you can watch the YouTube video here.

Power Supply Directly Next To The Load

Emparro67 power supply units are designed for applications in the field. They are durable enough to withstand even the most extreme environmental conditions. Emparro67 significantly reduces power loss and lowers energy costs because they can be installed directly next to the load where the conversion from 230 V AC to 24 V DC takes place. Another benefit is that you can use smaller control cabinets.

3200 C L-Force Controller – Control System Design

The compact, energy-efficient3200 C L-Force Controller from Lenze is designed for superior precision motion control in high-dynamic multiaxis applications, including gantry systems, robots, conveyors, feeders, and other machines in a line of process. Combining the program logic controller, motion controller, and visualization in one compact device simplifies engineering and extends cost savings. The architecture fits in a tight control cabinet and operates without a fan or battery via an integrated universal power supply (UPS). The 3200 C controller directs the ECS or 9400 drive and MCS motor through the sequence ofmoves, plans each trajectory point, and directs the drive to close the position and velocity loops with the motor. Automation applications demand high-performing, simple-to-use, maintenance-free technologies.