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Cube 67 – Modular Distributed I/O

Murr Elektronik Cube 67 is the modular solution for managing distributed on machine I/O. The cube 67 solution removes the need for a rigid topology design, by using a single bus node and using extension modules only a single address must be managed. Extension modules can be connected to additional extension modules and can also include pneumatic manifolds

With industry motor control trends in material handling moving towards decentralized motor control either via industrial Ethernet or discrete I/O, manufacturers now are able to place the node or feeding I/O right next to the inverter

Contact us for more information and a product demo, you can watch the YouTube video here.

Power Supply Directly Next To The Load

Emparro67 power supply units are designed for applications in the field. They are durable enough to withstand even the most extreme environmental conditions. Emparro67 significantly reduces power loss and lowers energy costs because they can be installed directly next to the load where the conversion from 230 V AC to 24 V DC takes place. Another benefit is that you can use smaller control cabinets.

3200 C L-Force Controller – Control System Design

The compact, energy-efficient3200 C L-Force Controller from Lenze is designed for superior precision motion control in high-dynamic multiaxis applications, including gantry systems, robots, conveyors, feeders, and other machines in a line of process. Combining the program logic controller, motion controller, and visualization in one compact device simplifies engineering and extends cost savings. The architecture fits in a tight control cabinet and operates without a fan or battery via an integrated universal power supply (UPS). The 3200 C controller directs the ECS or 9400 drive and MCS motor through the sequence ofmoves, plans each trajectory point, and directs the drive to close the position and velocity loops with the motor. Automation applications demand high-performing, simple-to-use, maintenance-free technologies.