The Lenze brand is manufactured both in Germany and the United States in Uxbridge, MA. With drives formerly AC Tech now Lenze you are sure to receive the economically efficient solution to variable speed motor control. The AC Tech brand name includes the dynamic and diverse SMVector drive series to the 940 position servo with best in class enconomic value.

8400 picLenze is known as a motion centric manufacturer with a moto “Easy as That!”, with Lenze even your most abstruse motor control applications can be solved. A few of the products the Lenze brand offers is the 8400 drive family encasing the Baseline, Stateline, Highline and Topline. This is what is referred to as “right sizing” for your application. This product line includes applications from turning a motor shaft to tight speed control (closing the speed loop) for applications that require tighter control of an asynchronous motor. Applications for this type of control include conveyors, paletizers and lifts. When your application requires a higher level still of automation and motor control you can turn to the Highline and Topline, the Highline includes applications where true shaft position counts. The Highline can still be used with an Asynchronous motor but can also be used with a synchronous servo motor. The Topline can be used in master slave applications to coordinate movements with other drives, extra I/O for execution of dynamic profile settings.

The Lenze line is now proud to offer the 3200C PLC as well as module I/O modules. The Lenze brand is known internationally as a top of the line gearing manufacturer as well as quality E2_GST_GKR_Drehstrom_1409_wservo/inverter products. Each assembly is manufactured in the United States in Glendale Heights, IL. Lenze gearing is heat treated in house, the gears are all ground in house to prevent the asperities so commonly found in other gearing manufacturers gearboxes. Feel free to contact us with questions and comments. View their solutions below!

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