photoelectric sensors from contrinex – the c23 and m18pa

Contrinex Photo Sensors

Clear object detection with Contrinex

Contrinex set out to develop a solution for sensing clear objects. Clear objects are known to absorb large amounts of UV light which is the working principal for the TRU UV detection sensor from Contrinex. This product was developed as the “sense all” for the contrinex product family. What is better yet is the 1.2mm sensing range and easy set up with a reflector for easy alignment. Contrinex also adds the

benefits of I/O link for advanced diagnostics such as sensing range barrier detection, amount of light detected by the receiver to gauge the cleanliness of the lens. The IODD file for the sensors and other datasheets can be found here. If you have any other questions contact us and we would be happy to assist you with your application.


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