About Us

Who we are

Advanced Control Equipment is a manufacturers rep who supports the growth of Manufacturing in the United States. We support our loyal customer base through engineering, development, aftermarket support and marketing products. We cover the Rocky Mountain and Southwest states including Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Southern Idaho, New Mexico, Southern Nevada, and Western Wyoming.

We offer a cutting-edge portfolio specializing in motion control, machine connectivity and industrial safety. We have strong growth track record and continue to grow in the Rocky Mountain and Southwest regions.


Advanced Control Equipment has a strong focus in material handling and logistic sectors as we see this portion of the market continuing to grow. Our offerings include component reducing space savings decentralized technologies built to make machines smarter, safer and more efficient. We support networking, mechatronic solutions and robotics.


We create templates for our automation concepts. We invest into proof-of-concept labs and support marketing for up-and-coming automation solutions. We will work to train our customer base on space saving solutions that replace permanent fixture positions and inflexible designs. We also support the process from concept to post install.

We are lucky enough to cover one of the best regions in the country with high GDP growth including strong growth in the Manufacturing industries. Over the next few years, we are excited to grow our team, invest in new technologies and expand our already strong offering.

The Future

Over the next few years, we will be expanding our team into our existing territory as we invest into motion control, robotics, networking and integrated systems. We look forward to partnering with you.