CTX_Group_smallContrinex is known internationally for producing the best inductive proximity sensor on the market.  Contrinex inductive proximity sensors offer an all-metal in the barrel housing, threaded and non-threaded design. This makes for a robust sensor when coupled with the 500 series sensor averaging 3X the industry standard for sensing distance. Contrinex also manufactures the smallest self contained inductive proximity sensor on the market. Contrinex is not limited inductive sensors but also  photo-electric sensors, capacitive sensors, fiber optic sensors, and RFID products.

Furthermore, Contrinex’s highly-competitive price point on all their technology offerings makes them an ideal source for your sensing needs. Contrinex’s cutting-edge, patented technology is one of a kind giving you an edge over your competitors and allowing your facilities to run smoothly.  By generating an electric current, Contrinex is able to offer sensing solutions up to 4X farther than the standard distance for current-conducting metals.  Flat pack Inductive Proximity Sensor switches are available in the program as well.RFID

The Photo-Electric program includes through-beam sensors, reflex, diffuse, diffuse with background suppression (relying on the angle of instance rather light reflection), and fiber optics. These technologies are available in an array of housings including: barrel (threaded and non threaded) plastic, fiber extensions, din rail mount, box, and more. 

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