EMI/RFI Solutions

Are you experiencing interference in your application? Electromagnetic interference is a conducted interference typically caused by switching loads such as power supplies, VFDs and lighting elements. RFI is a radio frequency causing equipment interference. It is easy to overlook these suspects in a facility full of automated machinery. With this being the case, how do we identify the cause of the issue?

Power Quality Solutions from Enerdoor

EMI/RFI filter

Enerdoor is an industry leader in power quality, EMI/RFI filters, harmonic filters and motor protection. Enerdoor also offers engineering services. Issues like small voltage spikes on encoder inputs or a signal delay can cause large problems for instrumentation or motion control. These interference types can tell us what type of product we are looking at, either a high or low frequency filter solution. Enerdoor can assist in the identification and mitigation of these issues.

In material handling and waste water solutions, long cable runs from the inverter to the motor can cause massive voltage spikes that cause downtime when the motor is damaged or loss of efficiency due to heat. This is referred to as reflected wave phenomenon. Enerdoor is an excellent source for sine wave filters as well as DV/DT filters. When a sine wave filter is used, we can greatly reduce the voltage spikes and supply the motor with a sinusoidal wave that keeps your system running efficiently and increases the life of the motor.

If you are struggling with interference or would like to optimize machine performance, reach out to us, and we would be happy to discuss your application. Enerdoor is also an excellent engineering resource for interference identification, troubleshooting, EMC testing and CE testing.

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