Modular Cellular Guarding Solutions with Satech

The Challenge: In my time, I have seen many approaches to the large area guarding challenge. Many companies utilize solutions from aluminum modular extrusion manufacturer to address these applications. Although flexible, these approaches typically prove to be expensive and require much engineering time. Furthering the challenge, an aluminum extrusion solution could take days to install.

Satech from Schmersal USA ads a very modular easy to build easy to configure solution for larger area protection. Commonly seen in cellular robotic guarding packages. The steps are simply: develop a concept, assign entryways, pick out your Schmersal switches and submit the design.

Your Satech configuration will come pre‑kitted with hardware, off the shelf welded wire mesh and posts and assembly instructions in a single cost‑effective solution to large area guarding. This allows you to create a custom guarding solution unique to your application and easy enough to design.

This post would not be complete without mentioning the fast clip feature that allows you to slip the post, clip the collar and tighten the screws, and you are done!

No conversation about Satech would be complete without discussing the spacers and fast clips, you just slip the clips on, determine the spacing and slip the welded mesh panels in the fast clips, tighten, and you are done!