Safe Solutions with Schmersal

AOPD – Active opto‑electronic safety devices or photo safety detection devices are commonly uses to protect large areas where the use of hard guarding is not practical or may stifle performance.

The key industries that utilize optoelectronic protection methods are material handling, assembly equipment, textile, automotive and food processing. One of the greatest challenges on an industry processing floor is easy to obtain diagnostics for decreased downtime. To address this, Schmersal offers an indicator pilot light on the top of the light curtain for application diagnostics that can be seen at a distance. The new offering from Schmersal allows for the maintenance team to connect to the SLC light curtains via Bluetooth to view advanced diagnostics, light curtain modes and OSSD status.

To further the feature rich AOPD offering solution from Schmersal The SLC445 series offers the LED indicator lamp and enhanced features such as blanking, muting, double reset, integrated muting which can all be programmed with a without a programming tool.

To further the feature rich AOPD solution from Schmersal using the seven segment display it’s easy to see the program parameters, diagnostics, and alignment quality. Simply scale the parameters with the push button teach tool and hold until the screen refreshes, it’s that simple!